Authorization & Attestation Solutions


Through its subsidiary, Spin Solutions, Mighty Comms supports iCrypto, an authorization and attestation platform which provides trust-elevation to businesses which enables faster digital transactions – driving profitability for the organization, while bringing accountability throughout the eco-system, using low-friction patented technology.

Banking Messaging Solution

We support Incentage, a banking platform specializing in Swift Messaging, fraud detection and auditing:
• Incentage Middleware Suite for financial message transformation
• Incentage Process Cockpit for financial business services and activity monitoring
• Incentage Service Bus for financial message routing and manual editing

Network-Monitoring Solutions

Mighty Comms supports an Open Source NMIS software that assists in network management, configuration, performance, monitoring and auditing.
• Network Management System
• Software for network management, performance auditing, configuration of enterprise networks who demand in high availability

Network Security

• Provides security teams with a broad selection of products and services to defend enterprise.
• Next generation firewalls
• Network monitoring and security control


Hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) appliances and software-defined storage. A complete 100% software-defined stack that integrates compute, virtualization, storage, networking and security to power any application at any scale.

Managed Services:
Mighty Comms offer several options on support. Through our 8x5x5 support desk.
• 1st line (remote)
• 2nd line (on-site technician)
• 3rd line (expert intervention)
Our managed services are covered by a comprehensive SLA and backed by fast response and detailed reports, in accordance with customer requirements. We also provide training and knowledge transfer to enable the customer to handle or resolve minor issues.